Racing the Night (spoilers)

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Really liked this episode!

Spoiler space

OK, I got my husband hooked and now he is asking annoying continuity
questions.  Here is the one from Racing the Night.  As we remember it from A
Call to Arms, the Drahk seeded earth with the plague they had from their
Shadow masters.  Only thing was that they had not had time or expertise to
finish adapting it to humans, so the virus has to adapt - which scientists
estimate will take 5 years.

In Racing the Night, the aliens tells us that the Shadows - who invented the
virus after all - sicked the virus on their planet as punishment for not
allowing a Shadow base to be built.  Presumably, the Shadows would know how
to manipulate the disease and adapt it for their victims.  So why did this
planet have the 5 year wait?  The way it was presented, it sounded as if
every species infected gets 5 years.

Not that this little issue in any way detracted from the episode.


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>So why did this
>planet have the 5 year wait?  The way it was presented, it sounded as if
>every species infected gets 5 years.

It has to do with the way the disease is designed, which they're still figuring
out.  This will become clearer in "Each Night I Dream of Home."


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