Racing the Night (no spoilers)

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Jms at B5 wrote:

> >I have renewed interest in the next four eps.
> >If the other four pre-TNT interference eps are of this quality, I will
> >be disappointed that the show does not continue.
> >
> They're either all at this level or better (in my admittedly biased opinion).
>  jms

Then it may be bittersweet.
Saving the best for last....
Already, I am glad that I stuck around for the "pre-interference" episodes

What I don't understand is that there was plenty of action in this ep...
I guess it was the lack of blatant sex that put TNT off.

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>> They're either all at this level or better (in my admittedly biased
>>  jms
>Then it may be bittersweet.
>Saving the best for last...

You ever see "The Commitments?"

It's about this Irish rock group that gets together, and they're good, I mean,
they're *good*.  But many factors begin to pull them apart, and eventually the
band falls apart.

One of them, who's been around a long time, goes to the guy who put it all
together, and can't believe what's happened, what they could've been...and he
says, "You gotta look at  it this way.  If you'd stayed together, you would've
been just one more successful band. it's myth."


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