When is TNT gonna make up there minds

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From: "Matthew J. Mickus"

>I think we should know by now if TNT is gonna renew Crusade.  What the hell
>are they waiting for, I would like an answer either way.

On Thursday they had a press conference to discuss their future series plans. 
Crusade was mentioned as a canceled. It was not on their list for the future.

Is that an answer for you?  Reports can be found in Friday's Hollywood Reporter
(www.hollywoodreporter.com) and Daily Variety (www.variety.com).

Warning, though.  What Variety said about Babylon 5 is not very nice.  I won't
repeat it.


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>What Variety said about Babylon 5 is not very nice.  I won't
>repeat it.

To be precise, it was Variety's characterization of TNT's attitudes toward the
show.  Which, given recent history, is to be expected.  


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