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I'm a bit late with this post. I sent it originally last week, but it 
didn't show up on the ng, so here it is, one more time with feeling.

It was said a while back that one of the directors you wanted to 
utilize in the production of Crusade was Goran Gajic. Have you assigned
him an episode yet? I am so glad you are using some of the directors I 
thought did a wonderful job in B5. Can't wait to see the eps. directed by
Tony Dow and Stephen Furst, for instance. They, as well as Goran and a few 
others, are first-rate.

Along with many other fans, I anxiously await the resolution of the 
distribution troubles plaguing Crusade. By now, you should be ready to
throw things. At the very least.

Bev Williams
Secretary, Final Frontier Science Fiction Fan Society
Edmonton, Alberta

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Yes, Goran has been slated for a Crusade episode.


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