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> Some people might be interested in this.  I'm watching the Drew Carey
> show.  The character played by Ryan Stiles, I can't remember his name,
> came into the bar dressed as G'kar, saying he was on his way to a B5
> convention.  Then they showed the convention.  They had people in
> costumes -  Minbari, Narn, Centauri, and even a few of the minor race -
> it really shocked me at how authentic they were.  The whole show
> revolves around a woman who he met at the B5 convention.  I've heard B5
> mentioned on the Drew Carey show before - does anyone know the
> connection between the two shows?  Is one of the actors a fan of B5 in
> real life, or what?

Through the fortune of Valen smiling down upon me I actually ran across
that episode right as the guy walked in the bar dressed like a Narn. I also
thought the costumes looked really good, as though someone from the B5
group had done their costumes for them. The episode made B5 fans look
better than Trekkers I think, since there was a hot chick dressed up as a
Minbari. BTW, wasn't that the woman from Loveline?

This episode also made me think about a B5 dating service. Is there one on
the net anywhere? I have several female friends trying to find me a
girlfriend, but they say the requirement I stipulated, that the girl must
like B5.......isn't helping at all and needs to be downgraded to liking
sci-fi in general.

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We worke with the folks from the DCS on this.  When they asked if they could do
it, I only asked that they use our makeup and costume folks so it was
authentic, rather than what Ellen did with 'em.  I think they did a great job
with this on Drew.


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