ATTN JMS & ALL: Do NOT despair.

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From: Allen Bryan <awb1 at>
Date: 27 Feb 1999 12:36:13 -0700
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I know it will be EXTREMELY difficult for Crusade to live any further
than it has.

But it is possible.

Joe: what would it take to get TNT (or anyone) to fund anything more?
If WB, TNT, and SFC all think this show has so much promise, can't we
really give
this a shot? I mean... you really should look at the other job offers
and all... this ship is definitely sinking...

But the one thing you have taught me, through 118 hours of television
shows and movies, is this: Never despair, and never give up hope, not so
long as one speck of possibility remains.

SO: what sort of ratings are we talking about here, to get TNT or anyone
else to fund anything more? When will this be shown, June? Not the best
time for ratings... will they take that into account? If the contracts
are cut at mid-summer, that doesn't give us much time.

If we watch, and NOT despair; if we write a few more letters that hit
them at the same time as the ratings; could we still convince them? If
there really is so much interest in this series, both on the streets and
in the corporate offices, there must be some back door that might
(through a real miracle) allow this show to survive. Some might say that
B5 used up all the miracles you had to get it completed -- I don't
believe miracles can get used up.

A still hopeful fan

Allen Bryan

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Date: 27 Feb 1999 22:24:30 -0700
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What you have to understand at this point is that there's really no time left. 
It takes a large amount of money to hold a cast and crew together while other
options are being sought, and even then options on varoius cast members and
others begin to expire fast.

WB can't keep spending holding money while they're seeking another prospect. 
It's a business decision, but a sensible one, given the large amounts of money
involved.  Their approach now is to believe in the show enough to get it on the
air, let the ratings speak for themselves, and see what happens.

My only regret is for the cast, who are all uniformly terrific, and who are
caught out in all this.


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