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Hello, welcome back! I see you've started posted responses now.

Anyways, there's a large thread going on in RASTB5 about whether or not it
would be possible to make a B5 movie with a low budget. I just thought I'd
take a stab at clearing it all up.

I know you've said that a B5 movie probably won't be in order until after the
SW films, but I was wondering, if/when it's made, what do you think would be
the budget? How much would it cost? Would it be cheaper than normal movies
because of all the CG models and stuff you already have?

Anyways, great job on B5, and I'm lookin' forward to Crusade.
Many Thanks.

-Adnan Virk

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The B5 tv movies produced so far cost just a tick under $3 million.

We could almost certainly do a high-quality theatrical feature for about $35-40

The average going price for a feature these days is $55 million.


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