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JMS, [if you are still reading this group]

You've mentioned that you would be [and have from what I've deduced] pulling
back your presence on the Internet newsgroups.  I understand the reasons and
just wish I had had access back in the early days of B5.  But my question is,
"Does this decision also affect you convention presence?"

I ask because after going to Tulsa, OK, a year or so back and listening to
you talk, I found you to be an incredibly engaging speaker, much like my
previous mentor, Mike McQuay.  Aside from a physical similarity [even some
vocal similarity], I realized that you have the same passion for your
profession/craft.  I have always found people who have such passion for their
craft to be very fascinating to listen to . . . even if I've heard some of
the jokes, stories, etc. before.  [Similar feeling of seeing someone perform
"magic" while discussing their craft has occurred when I've listened to
Timothy Zahn and to Vietnames composer Pham Duy.]  I don't know why I'm so
fascinated.  Maybe it's just because I'd like to find even a 1/10 of that
passion somewhere inside myself.

That aside, I was just curious if you will still be attending conventions
because, as I said, if you happen to be anywhere in the OK region [Texas,
Kansas, Arkansas, etc.] again, I'll do my best to be in the audience.

Thanks for B5.  Best wishes for Crusade.


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I think I'm going to end up doing fewer conventions than in previous years; to
some extent I think I may have gotten over-exposed, and over-personalized the
show when it's the show that should be at the focus.  So yeah, overall I'll be
doing a bit less than usual for the next year or so.  


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