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> Really? I got mine last weekend - do you mean to tell me that the East Coast
> actually got something *before* the West Coast? Wow! <G>
> BTW, I really enjoyed the story, Joe. I could hear Londo's voice in my head as
> I read it.
> Penny Rothkopf
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I loved it too!! Just finished reading it. Londo stories never seem to fail
to move me.. One way or another.

"Of course, Excellency. Is it important?"  And the reply had my laughing out

Have I missed any other short stories? Is there a good list of all B5
reading material somewhere? Thank god the picture of Londo was on the
cover...  Took me by surprise.

Then I come on here to comment on how good it was and here is a thread!

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That's the first B5 story I've done for Amazing; there are two more yet to
come.  The next one up is a G'Kar/Lyta story set after their joint departure
from B5.  (I'm basically taking snapshots of where some of the characters are
in the months or weeks after the end of season 5.)

I'm very pleased with the story.


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