Am I the only one?

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>Am I the only one here who finds Woodward's Galen annoying?  He just
>gets on my nerves.  

No, you're not the only one.  I liked Galen at first, but he's getting on my
nerves too with his twee manner of speech and his snotty treatment of the other
crew members.  He needs some kind of comeuppance and a dose of humility if he's
going to be a tolerable character over the long run (not, alas, that it appears
likely CRUSADE is going to *have* a long run, though we can still hope).  

Personally, I would like to see more development of the Eilerson character, and
maybe even a sense that the fact he has personal profit in mind from his
explorations in space doesn't make him either a fool or a scumbag.  

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Bear in mind that you were never meant to see this much Galen in a row; the
short order meant clumping his shows together.  You'll now get a bunch
*without* him.  The theory was to sprinkle him in along the way.


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