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        4 weeks to Crusade

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Date: 30 May 1999 14:51:04 -0700
From: Carl Cantarella <105030.3700 at>
To: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
Subject: 4 weeks to Crusade
Message-ID: <forum.babylon5.66035 at>
References: <forum.babylon5.65985 at>

> The marriage was going great until the wacky inlaws showed up with
> Cousin It from Atlanta....

        If I were in your place and the station contracted to
broadcast my show decided to use clips from a previous series which is
no longer even on the air in order to promote the new spinoff, well,
I'd be totally incensed. At best it is gross incompetence, and at worst
it's intentional spite. Either way, it still sucks.
        	I'm looking forward to "Crusade" just the same despite the
A-Holes over there at TNT. With luck you'll be able to get "Crusade"
off the ground again for next year on some other more appreciative
station. I know there's been talk of the Sci Fi Channel possibly being
interested in picking up the show, but something tells me you might be
somewhat better off were you to look in the direction of other stations
such as the USA Network, which also happens to be the Sci Fi Channel's
sister station in fact. For one thing, USA covers far more homes
presently than does the Sci Fi Channel, and the idiot suits over there
at TNT would very likely be less than thrilled about having to go head
to head with another Basic Cable station which covers roughly the same
number of homes that they do.

        All the Best --I hope things work out for you and we Fans. ;)


Date: 31 May 1999 15:48:11 -0700
From: J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644 at>
To: Carl Cantarella <105030.3700 at>
Subject: 4 weeks to Crusade
Message-ID: <forum.babylon5.66073 at>
References: <forum.babylon5.66035 at>

      Actually, I've finally figured out TNT's marketing strategy for
Crusade, and I've come to realize that I'm wrong, it's an utterly
innovative and unprecedented campaign.

      See, the more PR you put out there about a show, the more you
are going to prejudice a potential audience for or -- possibly --
against the program. So the best way to combat this is to put out
little or no PR so that the audience can come to the show without *any*
prior preconceptions whatsoever.

      It's breathtaking, I tell you...breathtaking.


(PS, there's a very good Crusade article in the current issue of
Dreamwatch Magazine, from the UK but available out here, that really
gets into the nuts and bolts of what happened.)


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