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Spoiler space for The Well of Forever

On 25 Jun 1999 23:19:37 -0600, Kailin <kailin at> wrote:

>But Well of Forever was different. You didn't really need to know who
>these characters were to get it. This is the episode you could show to
>new fans and successfully win them over. It had some decent time with
>all the main characters, great intereaction between Gideon and Dureena,
>Dureena and Galen, and Galen and Gideon. We also finally got to see what
>some of the concessions were for teeps to work with normals, great
>balance of levity, and drama was awesome, and to mix in loyalty and
>trust issues perfect. The cast really seemed to be clicking on this
>episode, now I know what David Allen Brooks was talking about when he
>mentioned the chemistry of the cast, and how he would love to get back
>to work because of it. 
Max Eilerson doesn't seem to possess quite the same level of awe and
wonder of Galen, and thus provides a cynical counterpoint to Galen's

"So you have a magic rock
that provides you with a mystical place
that is a metaphorical book
that gives you answers to questions that we haven't asked yet,
and you want us to spend days in hyperspace based on THAT?"

Gotta love it!  I just hope he turns out to be right *some* of the
time, and not just a convenient naysayer and IPX stooge.

Steve Jasper
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>Gotta love it!  I just hope he turns out to be right *some* of the
>time, and not just a convenient naysayer and IPX stooge.

Actually, one of the annoying things about Max is that he IS right more often
than he's wrong.  I think it's a nice combination.


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