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I didn't see B5 the first time around, but have been greatly enjoying the
current run on TNT. When I saw the flaming head of the First One in the
episode "Voices of Authority", I said, "Wow!  That's the Dreaded Dormammu,
from Doctor Strange!" Were/are you a fan of that comic? Was there any
allusion there (conscious or unconscious)? I would love to see a Doctor
Strange movie, but only if it were done well. It it were done properly, it
could be a great movie. In other hands, it could be atrocious. A lot of CGI
would be needed to do justice to it. If there was to be such a movie, I could
think of a great person to be in charge of it. His initials are JMS.

Thanks again for making B5.

Alan Legatt

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I enjoyed the early Dikto Dr. Strange books quite a bit.


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