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> I have been to B&N twice and did not fine  the winter issue of
amazing stories.
>   Help Someone tell me where to get it.

You can try the magazine's site
"how to find" page to order it online or call for store info.

I preordered mine through a comic shop.  It it worth the effort. IMO,
the Lyta & G'Kar tale is even better than the Londo one.  If Amazing is
on the ball, they'll try to get more stories from JMS, whether they're
more Lyta & G'Kar, any other B5, or totally new SF originals.  So far,
it's his stories that have been the most satisfying, and got me to buy
the mag.

scott tilson.

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Before you buy.

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Just a general note...because Amazing is a quarterly publication, they don't
rush to get the magazine out's still hitting newsstands and
will be for a while yet, so if it ain't there, it will likely be there soon.


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