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MJB wrote:
> The funny thing is, I hadn't looked at a comic book in about 25 years when
> I decided I wanted the B5 comics and went out to find them (it was a few
> months after #11 was out).  

You know.  I thing I hate the term comic book about as much Harlon
Ellison hates being termed a science fiction writer.

Even B5 was about multiple genres told in a futuristic fantasy setting
with strong scientific elements woven into the tapestry for a realistic
feel to the setting.

It is the same reaction when a rather obnoxious episode of Leeza with
the topic about a graphical story (my term for a comic book) detailing
Jeffrey Dahmer.  The host and audience couldn't get passed the idea this
medium was only for kids so to use it to tell the tale of a cannibal was

Archie is a comic book.  Richie Rich is a comic book.  Sandman is a work
of art.  The Watchmen is a exploration of society itself.  Rising Stars
isn't even done yet.  Preacher is pschopathic fun. 

Imagine if we held that only cartoons could be made for Disney or must
be like the Saturday mourning fair?  We would not have Light Years,
Akira, Princess Mononoke, Heavy Metal, Simpsons, the Real Ghostbusters
and others.


I am Kosh of Borg.  You have always been assimilated.

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>You know.  I thing I hate the term comic book about as much Harlon
>Ellison hates being termed a science fiction writer.

I dunno...*I* always thought I was writing a comic book....


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