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The use of an outstretched hand is an interesting motif in B5.  This
sometimes represents change, or a reach for power, or friendship, and
could have many other meanings, but is there an overall meaning?
Some of the more memorable examples IMO:

<Blank lines added to protect the spoilers>

Technomage telling Londo, "I see a great hand reaching out of the

Franklin's blood-soaked hand reaching to pull himself to his feet
after being stabbed while on walkabout.

Some additional examples:

Hand of Power--

When Morden asks him what he wants, Londo says, "I want to see the
Centauri stretch forth their hand again..."

Londo's future dream, where he sees the great hand reaching out of the

G'Kar, upon learning that the Centauri have attacked, says, "I reached
out my hand, and he betrayed me!"

Hand of Friendship--

In the pilot "The Gathering", Kosh extends a hand to greet the Minbari
in a Sinclair changeling net.

The Centauri greeting to offer the hands of friendship

Vir's famous wave to Morden.

Dopey Use of Hand--

Ivanova's statement in Sheridan's dream, "You are the hand."

Hand of Pain--

G'Kar cuts his hand with a knife in the elevator, and as the blood
drips out, says to Vir, "Dead, dead, dead..."

Are there others?
Steve Jasper
neon at texas.net

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>Hand of Friendship--

Delenn reaching out her hand to Sheridan.

And of course gloved hands in the Psi Corps.


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