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From: Zathras_10 at (Chris Biagi)
Date: 18 Nov 1999 22:02:51 -0700
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   Having read the first two issues, I can not wait til the third,
fourth, etc. comes out. I think back and put the stories on Babylon 5 in
comic form and it fits so. Now, as I read Rising Stars, I am able to see
the utter wonder of your story telling abilities. I hope that as my kids
grow and become parents, that Rising Stars will be around for my
grandchildrens enjoyment. I think of titles that one would consider
classics, Batman, Superman, X-Men and some of the more recent successes
such as Spawn ad find yours ranks right up there. Indeed, it may far
surpass many of these. Keep up the great work.

                                     Thanks--Chris Biagi

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 19 Nov 1999 02:17:14 -0700
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Your words are most kind; thank you, and I hope you continue to enjoy the book.


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