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Invariably, whenever I show up at a convention flying the colors, the #1
question I get is about the B5 cast and crew jacket.  "Where can we get one of
those?"  Up until now, the answer has always been the same: you can't.

For JUST this month, that will change: we are making a limited number (only
about 200) of these same jackets available on www.thestation.com.  These are
identical to the crew jackets, made by the same manufacturer, same materials,
same detailed embroidery, the whole thing.  On ebay these jackets have gone
from anywhere from $400-$1000, which is kind of obscene, but these are
available here for a hell of a lot less.

Also: we stopped taking orders for The Gathering script, which is now out of
print until some point in the distant future.  We're doing one per month, so
for those who missed out...it's too late.  This month it's the script for the
first B5 episode, "Midnight on the Firing Line."  Orders will be taken for this
month, and that's it.

Just to keep folks informed, especially in the case of the jackets, because I
think they're going to go fast.


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