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Date: 30 Mar 2000 15:14:00 -0700
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"Humans form communities."  Our community was created to allow people
to see the series as it aired without the fear of spoilers, but during
its three-year existence it grew to be something bigger.  We laughed
and cried; we loved and we hated; we flamed each other and even
married; but most importantly, we cared.  It does not matter whether
we liked or hated a particular episode, what matters is that we
*felt*.  We felt strongly enough to calculate the trajectories of
Sheridan's baseballs. We exposed our nightly dreams to the public.  We
talked endlessly about technology that does not exist.  We speculated,
and rewatched the episodes to catch hints of things to come, making
the series an unique watching experience.

Babylon 5 brought together a number of diverse people.  First,
watching videos taped and sent overseas as the story unfolded in the
US.  We were originally just a handful of people, but as B5 began
airing here in 1997, an online community was formed under the guidance
of those who had already seen the episodes so that the younger could
also see the story unspoiled.

Sleeping in Light aired one week ago, and the newsgroup will soon be
dismantled, so that it does not have to suffer dying slowly as people
move away. But what it achieved, remains.

We, the people of the Finnish newsgroup,
wish to express our gratitude for the magnificent tale you have given
us, and wish you well.

Thank you.

Signed by:

Janne Aalto          : Thank you for everything.
Riku Aalto           : 
Jukka Aho            : 
Marko Aho            : You showed that a long story is possible on TV!
Pekka Ahonen         : Thank you for the greatest SF series ever made
Aki Ahtinen          : thank you
Elina Ahvonen        : Thank you for creating B5, see you beyond the Rim ;-)
Matias Alanko        : This might sound VERY lame, but still: Thank You!!
Hanna Alasalmi       : Good night, Babylon 5, the brightest star in my sky.
Raimo Anttila        : Many thanks for you and all who created B5!
Antti Arola          : Nothing's the same anymore...
Matti Aumala         : [ o)
Per Backman          : Faith manages. Thank you.
Nils Beiskjaer       : Thank you seems poor and inadequate, but.. Thank You
Tomi Bergman         : Thank you wery, wery much!
Juha Ekholm          : Life consists of laughter and cry, Babylon 5 gave both.
Sanna Elo            : Thank you!
Jukka-Pekka Forsberg : Thanks for this wonderful scifi experience.
Erik Forsström       : The best series there ever was. Thank you JMS!
Jarkko Girs          : Thank you, beware somebody's watching you!
Henri Grönroos       : Thank you for best Tv-Show ever
Markus Haapala       : Thanks!
Tuomas Haapanen      : Babylon 5 has a special place in our hearts.
Sami-Pekka Haavisto  : You'd be surprised...
Hannele Hakala       : Babylon 5 in my heart forever. Thanks!
Jyri Hakola          : Faith manages.. Thank You
Jutta Halonen        : Faith manages!
Tuomas Halonen       : One word: thanks!
Karri Haltiala       : Thank You.
Mika Hanski          : Remember Byron!
Mikko Hanski         : We live for the one, we die for the one.
Arto Harjula         : The best story I have seen on tv since 1962!
Marko Haverinen      : Nothing more to say: thank you!
Teemu Havukainen     : Kiitos, Thank you
M. Petteri Heikkinen : Startide is rising
Eeva Heikkonen       : 
Jukka Heinonen       : Thank you for an amazingly addictive saga!
Jyri Heinonen        : Thanks for everything!
Jesse Helin          : I have no words..
Lea Herd             : Thank you, the series was pretty nice
Markku Herd          : Thank you for the wonder.
Emma Herranen        : B5 has guided my life to a better direction. Thanks.
Henrik Herranen      : Moderator's Greetings
Tomi Heteaho         : Too bad about crusade.. :-(
Arto Hietanen        : 
Esa Hiltula          : Thanks from a lurker
Elina Hjerppe        : Thank you
Lasse Holmstedt      : No kiitos JMS! Se oli upeaa.
Valtteri Honkasaari  : Thank you for the best thing that has ever come from TV
Atte Honkasalo       : Thanks!
Tomi Hurenius        : May she rest in piece...
Ari Huttunen         : Thank you very much.
Miika Huttunen       : Thank you for an excellent story.
Tommi Huuhtanen      : Babylon 5 is *magnificent*. Thank you!
Fatso Huuskonen      : I'm... Speechless...
Tuomas Hyyppä        : Thanks!!
Mikko Hyökki         : Thank you for these five seasons.
Karri Hämäläinen     : Thank you for B5.
Eero Hänninen        : I thank you from bottom of my hart of this great show!
Lauri Härsilä        : Best Scifi-series in the Universe
Jarno Iivarinen      : 
Petri Isomäki        : 
Santeri Itälinna     : The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything... 42.
Jouko Juhola         : Thank you for this great series.
Hannu Juottonen      : 
Heli Juottonen       : 
Vesa Juusola         : Great work, JMS! From the btm of my heart  - thank you.
Timo Jyrinki         : Thank you, for the experience, for the thougths & so on
Seppo Järvenpää      : 
Jyri-Pekka Järvinen  : Thanks for an unforgettable experience.
Jussi Jääskeläinen   : Years of joy had ended... Missing you B5!
Satu K.              : Thank You.
Tommi Kaituri        : It was a good story, storyteller.
Atro Kajaste         : Words only go so far. Thanks for this experience!
Mika Kallo           : 
Kalle Kamunen        : Thank you very much!
Tomi Kangas          : Thank you so much for the best scifi-story ever written
Tapio Kanko          : Thanx... It was a f****in´best series in whole world
Tommi Karesvuori     : Thanks for the best tv series I've ever seen!
Antti Karhu          : Thank you for making the best tv-series ever!
Katja Karhu          : Thank you :)
Jarmo Karonen        : For his story of the future, the history of the future.
Anne Karppinen       : Thanks for an excellent show.
Ilkka Karppinen      : Babylon5: N
Tero Karppinen       : Thank's for the best live-action science fiction serie!
Kristjan Kasevits    : 
Riku Katainen        : Thank you for giving me so many beautiful moments.
Milla Kauhala        : SiL IS beautiful.Thanks for a FULL story.I'll remember.
Juha Kaunisto        : 
Janne Kauppi         : BABYLON 5 LIVES FOREVER !!!
Klaus Kekki          : Thanks  for these unforgettable months...
Juha Kerätär         : Babylon 5 is an epic. And I love it. Thank you for it!
Ville Kilkku         : Babylon 5 has been simply the best scifi-series to date
Olli Kinnunen        : Thank you for making a show that made tv worth watching
Timo Kinnunen        : Thanks!
Jan Knutar           : B5 is the best story I've ever seen or read, thankyou!
Risto Kokkonen       : What should be said is said.
Lauri Kolehmainen    : Thank you, JMS, for the greatest sci-fi series ever!
Aatu Komsi           : I am so, *so* grateful. We'll keep the faith.
Eetu Komsi           : Zathras great hero!Others come, but we remember Zathras
Petri Konttinen      : B5 is by far the best tv-series I've ever seen!
Ville Koponen        : Thanks for B5.
Mika Korpela         : Thank you JMS and same in finnish 'Kiitos'
Ariel Koskinen       : Wow, I'm gonna remember that. Thank you, thank you.
Markku Koskinen      : Thank you so much for the series, I'm going to miss it.
Petri Kuikka         : Thank you VERY much!!!
Timo Kuismanen       : Babylon5 is one of the greatest tv-series ever.
Esa Kuokkanen        : Thanks for saving my life !
Anna Kuosmanen       : Thank you!
Petri Kuukkanen      : Live long and prosper!
Jori Kuusela         : Thank you JMS and all the people who made B5 possible.
Pasi "pazi" Kuusisto : Spank you. Spank you very much! : )
Marita Kuusto        : B5 really made me think and enjoy, thank you.
Marjo Kuusto         : Thank you for showing us what the future is like :)
Timo Kyttä           : I saw every episode and enjoyed every minute. Thanks!!
Jerri Kämpe          : THX, for a great expedition into my own mind with B5
Päivi Kärki          : 
Klaus Käyhkö         : JMS Rulz!
Eikka Laakso         : You made the Best TV-Series ever. Thank you!
Sami Laakso          : Greetings, O Great Maker. :)
Jari Laaksonen       : -
Jukka Lahtinen       : 
Jarkko Laiho         : Thank you for the emotions.
Jarkko Lainkari      : Thanks for the dream that felt like a real
Kimmo Laitinen       : 
Joonas Laitio        : A map to worklife!
Sami Lakaniemi       : Thank you for the best science fiction series... ever.
Matti Lakanmaa       : Only an alien lifeform would require alternative serie
Olli-Pekka Lamminen  : Must all good things come to an end...
Turo Lamminen        : 
Heikki Laurila       : Thanks Joe, You have done great job whit b5
Jyri Lehtinen        : Babylon5 is something greater than a tv-series. Thanks.
Anssi Lehtinen       : 
Erja Lehtiniemi      : 
Jussi Lehtiniemi     : 
Pertti Lehtisaari    : Thank you for the best tv-series EVER made!!!
Paavo Leimula        : Every story has an end, but only few lives forever!
Anne Leinonen        : Thank You for this great experience!
Antti Leinonen       : Thank You!
Petri Lepre          : Thank you for the 5 years of joy and sorrrow..
Esa "Elmo" Leppälä   : Babylon 5 was the only MUST SEE for me. Thank you!
Aleksi Liimatainen   : 
Antero Linde         : Thanks for creating B5, the best tv series ever made!
Tommi Lindroos       : Toast. To the best story ever seen on TV.
Nestori Liski        : B5 is the best serie _ever_!
Tomas Lundqvist      : Thank you!
Anssi Luomaranta     : Thank you. :-)
Mikko Luusalo        : 
Jani Lyttinen        : 
Pekka Lyyra          : Thank You!
Mauri Majanoja       : Thanks for the experience of B5
Jukka Manninen       : Thank you for giving me the weekly dose of great scifi
Mika Marjamaa        : Three words: "Thank You, JMS"
Otto Martin          : Thank you, and luck with all your future authorings.
Mikko Mehtonen       : Wow!
Jaakko Meriläinen    : Thanks for the ride.
Pasi Mikkonen        : 
Jaron Moilanen       : Tolkien would've been your fan. Magnificient Story!
Seppo Molander       : 
Aki Muhli            : B5 was great! Thank you very much!
Juha Mykkänen        : 
Marko Mäenpää        : Thank you. Hope for new series is all we got.
Harri Mähönen        : What could I say? Impressive!
Matti Mäki-Petäys    : There will never another series that I'll like so much.
Teemu Mäkinen        : 
Samuli Mäkinen       : Thank you for the best TV-serie.
Mika Määttä          : best serie for a thousand year
Lilli Nenonen        : Thank you for B5. We will miss it...
Antti Niemelä        : 
Joose Niemi          : Thank you.
Riitta Niemistö      : Faith Manages!
Juha Niini           : Thank you! B5 was impressive TV-serie.
Janne Nikkanen       : Thank you for the best tv-series EVER made!
Paul Nikolov         : Thank you for Babylon 5,the best TV series ever!
Aleksi Nurmi         : 
Harri Ohra-aho       : Be seeing you
Toni Oinas           : 
Leena Ojala          : 
Pasi Ojala           : 
Tommi Ojanperä       : Shine on you crazy diamond!
Ossi Ojutkangas      : Thanks.
Harri Oksanen        : 
Heikki Ollila        : Peace, love & happiness
Jouni Paakkinen      : Many thanks!
Tuukka Paavola       : 
Jussi Paju           : Just another lurker..
Hannu Pajunen        : Thank you very much! Really.
Teemu Palkki         : Let's keep it short: Thanks.
Stefan Parviainen    : Thank you for a great TV series
Tommi Pehkonen       : We want more ! (Please...)
Juhani Peltola       : Thank you! B5 was very interesting.
Matti Peltola        : B5 is one of the best tv-program i've ever seen.
Perttu Perkola       : Tnx. Been a good five years enjoying your show.
Harri Perälä         : It was a good story.
Markku Pesonen       : Thanks for the great show.
Timo Pietilä         : To make a long story short...Thanks
Mirva Piippo         : Thank You. B5 is the best TV-series ever made!
Olli Pitkänen        : Well, look at that. The sun's coming up
Matti Poutanen       : Thank you for B5, it was really something spectacular.
Juha Pudas           : Thank You...
Aki Pursiainen       : 
Reko Pyyppönen       : Word(s) is not enought to do this
Sirpa Pöyhönen       : B5 was much more than just a TV-serie, thanks for that!
Jaakko Rajakallio    : Babylon 5 was great, thanks JMS
Miia Ranta           : speechless, still sobbing... thank you.
Antti Rantakaulio    : You wrote best tv-program ever!
Jarkko Rasanen       : Very good show!
Tommi Raulahti       : Thank you very much for best Sci-fi TV-series ever made
Rami Remes           : ei mulla mitään sanottavaa oo
Pasi Rintamäki       : Thanks for all who created Babylon 5
Reko Rintamäki       : It was something spectacular.
Teemu Ristivuori     : Pelastakaa B5:ITF!!
Timo Rossi           : 
Panu Ruotsalainen    : Thank you!
Tapio Ruotsalainen   : Thanks for the great story.
Sami Ruuska          : Thank you very much
Ville Ryhänen        : B5 was the best and  most moving TV-series ever made
Petri Räihä          : 
Jussi Räty           : Smile
Kimmo Räty           : I want to thank you about REALLY great TV-program.
Olli Salmi           : Thanks for giving a purpose for my life ;-)
Toni Salminen        : Greatness is Babylon 5, thanks.
Sari Salmisuo        : 
Timo Salo            : Thanks! A lot!
Antti Salomäki       : Great series, i thank you for that.
Tatu Salonen         : After months, I'm still speechless. Thank you.
Ville Salonen        : Great work
Vesa Seppänen        : Yeah.
Niilo Siljamo        : 
Ari Siltavuori       : From the dawn to the dawn
Ari Sippola          : The best tv-series ever, what else can I say.
Jouni Siren          : Thanks for the great story!
Juha Stenbäck        : "No, no. Don't leave."  -Sheridan to his 'father' in B5
Olli Sulopuisto      : Thanks for the series. That's all there's to say.
Matti Sunnari        : Thank you
Kari Suvitie         : 
Mikko Särelä         : Thank you
Marianne Tamminen    : 
Juha-Matti Tapio     : Faith manages. Thank you.
Janne Tenhovirta     : I`ll see You in a million years
Vesa Tenhunen        : Thank you. It was a great story.
Riku Tiikasalo       : Babylon 5 made a difference. Thank you, JMS!
Markku Tirkkonen     : Excellent series. Thanks!
Jokilehto Tomi       : Thank you for the best Sci-Fi serie ever!
Jarno Tuomainen      : 
Tuuli Tuominen       : Thank you for the moments, thank you for the story.
Jani Tuovila         : Thanks for the best tv-series ever!
Salla Tuulos-Tikka   : Thank you!
Kaija Tuuna          : It has been proved, that B5 can bring people together.
Kalle Vahlman        : Can't talk.
Pellervo Valkama     : yo! you rock =)
Rami Valta           : 
Ville Vataja         : Thank you, You made our world a better place to be.
Mika Vesa            : Thank you for such a fantastic idea: Babylon 5!
Hannu Vesala         : B5 really kicks ass! The BEST tv-series ever!
Timo Viinanen        : Good luck on the path that you walking.
Mikko Vilpponen      : "Toast. To absent friends, .. and memory still bright."
Ilkka Virolainen     : The best tv-series of all time!
Joni Virtanen        : This journey has ended.Another begins.Time to rest now.
Miika Virtanen       : Nothing is the same anymore... Thank you.
Henry Vistbacka      : Thank you. Babylon5 has been a GREAT ride.
Eetu Vuokko          : Yes.
Janne Vuontisjärvi   : :)
Eero Välimaa         : Thanks for the Best TV-series EVER!
Jarkko Vääräniemi    : 
Mika Wendelin        : Just wanted to say thanx for the greatest series ever!
Tero Ykspetäjä       : -
Juha Yli-Olli        : That was it, thanks!
Teemu Ylikoski       : And the winner is.....B5
Joel Yliluoma        : Mr. Straczynski, you made a respectable story.
Mika Ylisaukko-oja   : It was... unbelievable! Thank You!
Joni Ylistö          : Sankyuu, that was nice :)
Tim Åkesson          : best piece of sci-fi I've ever seen, really great!
Miikka Åsten         : The world will never be the same again... Thank you
Mika Äärelä          : Thanks for 5 exiting seasons. We own you a big bow!
Siv Österlund        : 

 As a bonus for you who had the courage to read until this point;
 some of the weirder products of fandom in Finland:

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Wow...for all the "speechless" comments listed there, the biggest one has to be
on this side of the modem.  I'm totally knocked out by the kind words; thank
you.  To know the show made a difference, and will be remembered, is the one
thing that makes all the effort worthwhile.

My thanks to you again, and my best wishes to everyone in the newsgroup.

Truly, the tale is now Finnish'd.


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