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To anyone looking for some good television,  I've got two words for you.

The Sopranos

It isn't sci-fi, but if you're a fan of the continuing arc-type storyline,
and intelligent writing, this is you're show.  You have to buy HBO to get
it, but take my word for it, it's worth $10 a month.

One word of advice though, like B5, if you're gonna have to miss an episode,
set that VCR.

JMS, maybe you should lobby HBO to give you a free hand.  I'd pay for it !

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> Now, about the best thing on is the very ordinary ER. (Farscape ain't
> bad, but very inconsistent and definitely owing a lot to B5 (

Lisa Coulter

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>To anyone looking for some good television,  I've got two words for you.
>The Sopranos

I concur 100%.  It is the ONLY show that I make time for every week, without
fail, and get massively pissed if I miss an installment.  The writing is just


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