Joe's story in latest B5 magazine. SPOILERS!

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you realise I damn near sent this and made a mad dash to my keyboard to stop
it before I ruined the story for everyone???
Phew! All right, now then.....

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> There's an old saying: to suggest is to create, to define is to kill.  No
> matter how amazingly I had described Kosh's ship -- and I do happen to
> know what's inside and how it looks -- it would have eliminated the
> mystery of it.
> The way it's written, you can see anything you want, as big as you want,
> and it stays mysterious.  It's the "behind the door" scenario: you hear
> something knocking on the other side of hte door, and for as long as
> you don't open the door, it could be ANYthing.  The moment you open
> the door, and see that it's a
> six foot cockroach, you can think, "Well, it could be worse, it could've
> been a ten foot cockroach."
> No matter what I would've described, somebody would have said, "Well, it
> wasn't as special as *I* imagined it would be."  So best to keep the
> mystery intact.

<grunt><mutter, mutter> With all due respect, SOD what other people say!
It's YOUR story! If you say the interior looks like Amanda King's kitchen
complete with floral curtains, THAT'S what it looks like! If people don't
like it, tough! That's their problem. Yes, of course I can imagine things,
in fact, you wouldn't believe what I can imagine, and a lot of it would be
NC17 rated for the general look of the place. But this is *your* creation.
I'd far rather listen to your take on it, even if I don't agree with it,
than sit
there, my head whirling with images, and never know if I'd even got close.

You realise I now have this image of the stove, the fridge complete with
magnets and the ficus plant stuck in my head?


> >2) One thing that doesn't jive with what Joe said in Sleeping in Light
> >comments. He said Ivanova had never mentioned the name of Marcus since he
> >died, hence the reaction of the others at the toast (and it says that in
> > the script as well, which I saw when a legal copy was auctioned for

> But it wasn't said in the episode, now was it?  Wasn't said in dialogue.
> That was written to give the actor in question a sense of weight for the
> line.
> It's really only fair to hold the show to what's actually *said*.

<more muttering> <mumble, mumble> they performed it as instructed <mumble,
mumble> they made us, the audience, understand the name was an issue with
her <mumble, mumble> maybe not twenty years but... <mumble, mumble>... ah,
what the heck? I'll just excise that bit from my brain.

There, that's better.

Shaz <who liked the story ANYWAY!>

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><grunt><mutter, mutter> With all due respect, SOD what other people say!
>It's YOUR story! If you say the interior looks like Amanda King's kitchen
>complete with floral curtains, THAT'S what it looks like! 

Damn!  How'd you guess?


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