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 JaB> Even-handed means that one does not favor one side or the other. 

Quite right.  Part of the problem is that when you're part of the spectrum of
opinion on a subject, where the actual neutral position is and where it
appears to be can be two different things.  Horribly simplified, consider the
following positions on a topic ranging from extreme "pro" (A) to extreme
"con" (E):

A - B - C - D - E

Now from outside it's pretty simple - C is the central point.  But to anybody
with an opinion on the subject, their place on the line will have an effect. 
In general, any opinion that falls toward the opposite extreme is of the
opposition, and any that falls toward the same extreme is on the same side
but exaggerated.  And the closest an opinion is to the one held by the
viewer, the more rational it will seem, right or wrong.

In spot C, there are neither same nor opposite extremes. B and D have the
more rational opinions, A and E the less so, but none are compelling.  The
location of the center is still obvious.

Once we get out of dead center, though, B is going to see A as on the right
side but overdone, and C, D and E as varying degrees of the other side, with
C the most rational of the lot, but the perceived location of the true
neutral shifts slightly B-ward of C.  A sees everybody else as varying
degrees of opposition, and may well identify B as the neutral since it seems
least extreme.  C then appears to be partisan for E.  And of course E will
see C as partisan for A, and even the more moderate B and D will see C as
leaning towards the other.

All of which goes to show that if you're catching it equally from both sides
for being partisan, you're probably on the right track. :->

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>All of which goes to show that if you're catching it equally from both sides
>for being partisan, you're probably on the right track. :->



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