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Diane K De wrote:
> >From: "Shaz" hypatia at
> >> I am not aware of any official "minimum show to commercial ratio".  Where
> >can I
> >> find this in writing?
> >>
> >> If the Sci-Fi Channel decides to add a few more commercials, there are no
> >> rules, regulations, or authority that I am aware of to stop them.
> >>
> >> I repeat..."that I am aware of".
> >>
> >> If there is, I'd love someone to point it out to me where I can read these
> >> regulations.
> >>
> >> DD
> >
> >Actually, it was Joe who said it was already at the bare minimum, earlier in
> >this discussion as I recall, but I may have been dreaming!
> >
> >Shaz
> >
> Then maybe he can enlighten me on what regulations he was referring to.
> The American Association of Advertising Agencies monitors "non-program content"
> and publishes the results of this monitoring on an annual basis.
> Not surprisingly, "non-program content" has been rising at a steady rate.  It
> rose in 1999 vs. 1998.  It varies by network and daypart.
> There may be voluntary "habits" and "guidelines" that networks use and the
> National Association of Broadcasters once had voluntary guidelines for its
> members.  Syndicators may follow standard principles of the industry at the
> time.
> A few of my friends are watching "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" on PAX.  They are
> reporting that entire scenes are being cut to add commercials.  That's because
> the amount of commercials that was standard for CBS in 1983-87 is well below
> what is standard for PAX now.
> Over time, the same thing could happen to Babylon 5 or any show filmed at its
> time.

Hmm... How do broadcasters in the US get licensed? in the UK the
government sells franchises which include things like % content for
minority viewers (gaelic/welsh broadcasting) and puts limits on certain
types of  programming.
> DD

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Date: 9 Apr 2000 17:37:37 -0600
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The FCC mandates that there must be X minutes of programming per hour or half
hour program, depending on venue.  There is one minimum for syndication and
cable, and a slightly higher minimum for network shows.  

This is what enables syndicators and cable operations to cut down episodes in
order to cram in more comercials.

B5 ran at the syndication/cable minimum number of minutes as mandated by the
FCC, which can be found in their regs.  It cannot be cut further unless the
minimums change or have changed.


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