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> Believe what you will. You're reaching. Sheridan was not a
> telepath, just resistant to them. Probably something that
> Lorien's life-energy provided. Lorien would have been resistant
> to Vorlon telepathy.
> If he had been a telepath, do you think he'd have gone into that
> bar and sat down with Garibaldi without scanning first? No way -
> there was too much on the line. But his being resistant to
> telepaths does track with events of "Intersections in Real
> Time." His interrogator could not pin down what John was using
> to hold on with.

What he was holding on to, so far as I can tell, was the image of Delenn.
They can tell you the aliens are the bad guys, but if you can hang on to the
image of the alien you love and who you KNOW isn't a bad guy and would stand
by you no matter what, their lies are going to be a lot easier to resist.
Her image brought him back from the dead and saved him from Clark's

And Joe makes out he isn't a romantic.



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We've established several times in the series that mundanes can, briefly, hold
their own against a mid-level teep for a little bit.  We even had the guy who
tried to shoot Garibaldi fighting Lyta for a moment.


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