The Women of B5

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Interesting article in the new ( to the U. S. ) B5 magazine about the
women of B5 and how they all had traditionally male "hero" arcs .  This
especially seems to hold with Ivanova and Delenn.

I have often wondered why Delenn got so criticized for "keeping
secrets", "being manipulative", etc., when *all* the major male
characters - even our great heroes - did this.  In the magazine they
state maybe people are still having trouble dealing with women leading
in war.  I am not so much in agreement with this as thinking that the
men ( and women) who criticized Delenn for these characteristics ( and I
am sorry, but I *never* saw a critique of Sinclair (a master manipulator
and liar) , G'Kar, *londo* ( even when in his hero part he was
incredibly manipulative - consider Vir) or Sheridan.  But boy did she
get raked over the coals. Sorry folks.  Politicians and leaders (even
and maybe *especially* the best) manipulate.  I bet most of us do it in
our lives/ careers quite a bit.  Maybe it is time to accept that a
female leader would have to do this as well, in addition to holding back
some info (hi, John, Jeff, we have to work together to beat the Shadows,
but thought you should know my vote caused the Earth - Minbari war....)
Then there was the thread that Delenn *acted* as those she loved
Sheridan to manipulate him - as John Stossel says "Give me a break!"
Deconstruction, SiL, and many others should have laid that to rest.

As far as Ivanova, I think she was a rather sad heroine - clearly so
wounded by her past relationships she never let herself get close

Anyway, interesting article.

"Faith manages" - Delenn

"How can we see them face to face till we have faces" - C. S. Lewis

In the end, there is always the sunrise.....

Lisa Coulter

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>I have often wondered why Delenn got so criticized for "keeping
>secrets", "being manipulative", etc., when *all* the major male
>characters - even our great heroes - did this. 



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