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> >I disagree.  JMS has said that it is way too early to get into
> >the Crusade issue now.  The time to ask SciFi to back Crusade
> >(IMHO, of course) is AFTER the B5 reruns become successful on
> >SciFi (assuming they do) and make SciFi lots of money.
> I get the sense from some folks at SFC that they wanted to make the B5
deal its
> own thing, without diluting it, and that they might well come back next
year to
> pick up the Crusade reruns as another kind of event to spike the B5 reruns
> bit.
> Note: I'm not saying that's what's going to happen, only my sense of what
> *probably* happen, given some recent conversations.

So, it would seem that now *would* be a good time for the fans to let the
Sci-Fi Channel that they are happy that Sc-Fi picked up the Babylon 5
reruns, and that we also want Crusade.

I'm in favor of (from my first post):

2. Reshoot the first season of Crusade, using as much of the existing 13
episodes as possible, and removing the objectionable pieces (e.g. the TNT
mandated items, and your barbs at TNT), and shooting new episodes to fill in
the blanks.  Then air, "A Call to Arms" followed by a full 22 episode
Crusade first season, on Sci-Fi.


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>So, it would seem that now *would* be a good time for the fans to let the
>Sci-Fi Channel that they are happy that Sc-Fi picked up the Babylon 5
>reruns, and that we also want Crusade.

One thing I forgot to mention in my prior post was that thus far SFC has been
just terrific and very excited about bringing on B5.  They've stayed in touch
with me pretty much every since the announcement, and we're working out what
can be done to promote the show, how to best feature it, that sort of thing.

There have been a couple of ideas expressed that are VERY cool, but it's still
way too early to talk about them.  I'll be meeting with Craig Engler from the
SFC web site and Sci Fi Wire in about 2 weeks to continue the discussions about
what can be done on that side as well.

It's nice to have a situation of respectful give and take rather than having
dictates handed down.


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