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Hoping to pick up that Cin. issue this weekend... it sounds good.

Another thing: I'm wondering about the B5 treatment and the Season 1
Bible from thestation.  I'd really like to get them and they sound
great, but I'm wondering if anyone has them or Joe can you comment a bit
more on them than what thestation has to say?  Because they're $35 each
which is $43 if you're shipping to Canada plus that's in America $ so on
top of that I have to convert from Canadian to American, which ends up
being A LOT of money.  How are they bound?  Are they actual books?  What
info is in them?  How many illustrations?  Etc...  I'm especially
interested in the B5 treatment Joe.. Is it worth me spending probably
upwards of 50$ Canadian?


and after this there's just the circus

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The B5 bible and treatment are made *exactly* as the original documents were
made.  They're not converted to typeset stuff or prettied up, they're the
*working documents* as handed out to writers for the show(s).

There are some pretty good reviews of them over on the babylon 5 section of if you want an objective analysis.


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