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Shaz wrote:
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> > >From the American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition (circa
> 1985):
> > copacetic - adj.  Slang.  Excellent; first-rate [Orig. unknown]
> >
> > Have a good day.
> > -Tad
> Thanks to all those who helped. Apparently it's an Americanism that hasn't
> quite made it into the UK standard dictionaries yet.

It came out of the American military, 60's and 70's.   I'm not completely
sure of the derivation, but I had one cow-orker in the early 80's who
was just out of the army and who thought it was his mission in life to
work that word into every sentence.  Got me to where I never wanted to
hear it again as long as I lived!



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>I had one cow-orker in the early 80's who

A cow-orker?

Did it give milk and live in Mordor?


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