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Well of course as everyone by now no doubt knows Hugo Award nominees are
out. What do you all think?
I find it interesting (and a real slap to Lucas) that SW:Episode 1 was
not nominated. I haven't seen all of the other nominees. Of the ones I
have seen, although Galaxy Quest was fun, and I feel its SF premise is a
bit weak, I would pick The Matrix. Opinions?
As far as novels are concerned, quite a tight race I would think. On the
other hand, though I _like_ Harry Potter, I really hope it doesn't win.
>From what I know of the novels I would put the Bujold, Vinge, and
Stephensen ahead of it.

Opinions, discussion?

Lisa Coulter

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Having seen the list of nominees, which doesn't include any of the B5 TV movies
which would have been eligible, I have to say that...I agree with the slate of
nominees.  The list had The Sixth Sense, The Matrix, The Iron Giant and two
others I can't recall right now...and I can't think of ONE of them that I'd
bump for a B5 or Crusade project, much as I like them.

It's an excellent list, and in one sense I'm relieved; if a B5 or Crusade item
had made the final cut, I'd *still* have to vote for the Matrix as best of the
bunch, and I'd hate to have to do that.  This saves me the existential angst.


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