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Do you have the first idea how irritating it is, in the middle of a
cold English December, to be sitting in a bath of equally cold water
because I can't top it up any more because I only have a couple of
dozen pages of the book left to run and I don't want to stop reading
it because it's got my attention and if I stop I'll lose track of it
all and......  and then, right at the end, you LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE

You swine sir :-)

Ace job Joe.  When's the next one out?


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little, with so much, for so long."    JMS.

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Date: 12 Dec 2000 23:46:49 -0700
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>Ace job Joe.  When's the next one out?

Thanks.  It plays a lot better gathered together like that.

To the question...dunno.  I know it won't come out until after the next 8 are
published in regular form, and 12 just came out, so that's at least 4 months
down the road, plus one or two for figure June.


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