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Midnight Nation

Okay, #4 reached me right when I needed that message. I'm
thinking of framing the cover as a glance at it is enough to
bring it all home again, which from the POV might have been
the intent.

Thanks for this and your other work. It has weight.

Mike Peake, Your Psychic Friend

I've noticed that people give Madonna lots of money. Wanting some
part of this, I've decided to request that people send that money to
me instead. It'll save you the pain and discomfort of owning her CDs
and as such is a complete bargain. You're welcome. Please send
all monies to me at my mail drop.

Just doing my part in making the world a better place. 

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Date: 27 Dec 2000 17:06:26 -0700
Lines: 14's an important message, I think.  One we too often forget: if you
don't like where you are...move.


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