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Good day, all.

Ok, so this is not to do with Babylon 5 exactly, but it is a fantastic film.

I was lucky to watch this film on late night Saturday, on BBC2, and it is
simply one of the best films I have ever seen.  It is what Harlan Ellison
(sole B5 connection <g>) has called a film of Terror.  There is hardly any
explicitness in this film, and there is not very much in the way of obvious
"haunted house" manifestations, but it is one of the ultimate haunted house
films.  There is only one obvious special effect, and that one is
surprisingly cool - in fact I would say it is one that you would not expect
in an early 1960s black & white film.  Most of the terror comes from
disturbing sound, excellent but weird cinematography, and most of all, the
hysterical internal voice of the main character.  The latter is an unusual
device; most films would not be able to pull it off, since film is generally
a visual medium only.  But that character's delusional state of mind is
essential for the film to work on both a supernatural and a psychological

I have heard that this is based on a book, and there has been a recent
remake.  For those in the know, do either of these live up to the film?

Mark Bertenshaw

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It's one of my all-time favorite films.


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