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>> The binding had snapped apart in the post and the thing had to be
>>treated with kid gloves. I've since heard others have had similar 
>The binding was done rather than just using brads because we thought it 
>make the thing spiffier.  I've copied your message to the manager of the 
>and we'll see about making the packaging better.  This is the first time 
>heard of the problem.
> jms

Just chiming in with my own experience. I got the autographed B5 Series 
Treatment and autographed B5 Bible back when those were issued.

The treatment came through the mail OK, but the top two posts in the 
plastic binding of the bible were broken off (they were shipped in two 
separate packages, as I recall).

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I emailed Val, the current head of the fan club, concerning the few that have
had problems, and this was her reply:



We are meticulous about padding our shipments.  We also replace damaged
bibles to everyone who notifies us of any problems.  This binding is not
cheap, it costs us $1.00 per unit plus labor in addition to duplication.
Unfortunately, if these customers don't make me aware of the problem I can't
rectify it.

I am more than happy to replace damaged items.  I understand that sometimes
despite padding and "Do Not Bend"
stamped all over the package the US Postal Service still sees fit to mishandle


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