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>No, because they only existed in digitized form on the avid editing machines,
>there aren't any director's cuts on film in TV. 

But you said that once about the pilot before long before the TNT "Special
Edition" but it happened, so why the point blank "no" this go around.

these quotes are atributed to you on the Lurker's Guide.

"Will there be a director's cut?"
The odds are zero, since the first version of the B5 pilot existed only as a
computer-graphic file edited movie. It wasn't edited on film, for real, until
we'd pared it down. We'd have to go in and totally re-edit and re-score, and I
doubt that's going to happen. 

The problem is that, unlike a motion picture, where you produce a cut on film,
which you then trim down, we're editing on computerized image files. We don't
get around to finally cutting the film until we've made our final edits. So no
complete version ever existed on film. The most that could be done is get those
25 minutes and *build* a new version with that footage...which would require
additional scoring, editing, and other stuff. 

The computerized cut of the pilot is now dumped out of memory, and those
portions only exist on a few VHS tapes of marginal quality. Also, the footage
in computer file form is *very* low grade, like a poorly scanned gif file, very
low resolution. It would be useless on a laser disk. 

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>But you said that once about the pilot before long before the TNT "Special
>Edition" but it happened, so why the point blank "no" this go around.

The "Special Edition" is NOT a director's cut.  It is another producer's cut. 
What you saw in the original version of the pilot was with very few exceptions
what the director assembled.  What is in the special edition is what Copeland
and I were able to re-edit after having done the show for a while.

Sure, anyone can go in and re-edit the various episodes, but that isn't the
same thing as a specific director's cut, and those are gone.


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