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Hi and Happy New Year!

I am forwarding this message on behalf of a lady who had tried to
do it herself, but the message always bounced. So I told her I would have
a go at it. Here's hoping I can break the jinx for her.



Dear Joe,

I can't get over how even now, after all these years, whenever I watch the
B5 introduction my hair stands on end and a shiver runs down my spine in 
anticipation. The characters are introduced with the wonderful theme music
- how it changed every season, like parts in a symphony. No show has ever
had a better introduction!

Scott Adams thought it was the best ever created for television. He must
have read my mind!

I didn't always feel that way. The first season, it was just a good show.
You got to know the characters. Then they started to grab me, as I watched 
them change.

Then we had to go through a periods where every week there was 
the hunt through the tv guide to find when B5 was to be shown. To be a
fan, you had to really work! How many weeks was it shown at 11 PM, or even
2 AM, or Saturday morning? I remember how one friday night, I was tired
and went to bed early. I woke up with a start around 2 AM, and realized I
had forgotten to watch the show. I felt a great sense of loss - for a tv

Then there was a period - was it between season two and season three (?), 
where I didn't know if the show was going to finish. Then I heard it would start
again toward the end of November. I told myself it was ONLY a tv program! What
did it matter if it never came on again? But it did.

Then I started taping each show. You had to see them more than once to
appreciate them. You had to step through some of the special parts in 
slow-motion, like Londo's or Gkar's visions, or the fight scene where they
captured Sheridan, or when he fell through Babylon 5 and was caught by
Kosh and Kosh revealed himself. Wow! I could make a whole Wow list! 

So thank you, for creating something very special.

   judy at

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>So thank you, for creating something very special.

Your words are most kind; thank you for them.


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