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There are actually a couple things which I would like to thank you

First, of course is for creating Babylon 5.  I first started watching
the show around mid season 1 and it quickly became my favorite show.  B5
was always something to look forward to every week (although my local
station treated B5 poorly).  In fact, the show was so good that nearly
everyone I showed an episode to became an instant B5 addict (the rest
took 2 or 3 episodes before getting hooked).  It was great to see a new
perspective on the future, not to mention an awesome and engaging story.

Second is more of something which has resulted from watching Babylon 5.
One day I was watching "Severed Dreams" and saw all the great battle
scenes, I suddenly realized what type of career I wanted to pursue...
CGI.  Thanks to Babylon 5 I am now majoring in Computer Animation.
Maybe one day I'll find myself working on the CGI for a B5 feature
film...  I can only hope :)

Thanks again and I wish you luck on all your future projects.


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>Thanks to Babylon 5 I am now majoring in Computer Animation.

That's great; good luck to you, and thanks for the kind words.


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