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The first one was a Londo story because I really wanted to do something
different and cool with the character, go inside his head and show the
transition to being emperor, let folks know that inside he was still the same
Londo...the second one with Lyta and G'Kar was mainly for fun, to play with
them and see their relationship together out there.

The third, which I just finished and turned in to Amazing Stories, and which
will appear I think around May, was written with one express purpose: to set
the proverbial cat amongst the proverbial pigeons with something that's going
to send a ripple all through B5 fandom; it's a story I don't think anyone ever
expected to see.

Just the first line alone should stun a number of B5 folks

And that's all I'm going to say about it.  But just know...there's a real
toad-strangler coming up in May.

(And Rising Stars 4 is out now.)


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