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Just got RS4 and I am just loving this story.  As you say, plot is
driven by characters and you have created many new characters for our
enjoyment.  I hope we see some of these characters recurring.

A couple complaints. . .they're too short!  I'm not a comic reader and
always reach the end of the comic starving for more.  I wish there were
more to read at a time.  ( I know, that's the nature of comics and all
show-biz: leave them wanting more.)

One thing that is probably out of your hands somewhat is the loooonnnng
time between issues.   Your submitting your stories in a timely manner
is probably all you have to do with it but it would be nice to get more
issues more often.

These "complaints" are really compliments.  The story is so engrossing
that I just want to pick up the entire book and read the whole thing.
The bit-by-bit approach of a comic is difficult.


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>One thing that is probably out of your hands somewhat is the loooonnnng
>time between issues.  

Actually, TC is really getting that part together; 4 came one month after 3,
and we just locked down the pencils and inks on 5, so that's heading toward
hitting the next deadline, or damn close to it.

Five, by the way, is probably the strongest issue of the bunch, and definitely
kicks over the table on the storyline.  


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