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>Ryan Nock wrote:
> >All my friend wants is an
> >honest, balanced representation of her religion, and not one where the only
> >person who seems to have any faith in Rising Stars is a zealot.
> 1) Not every single so-called religious person is a good person, as Jimmy
> Swaggart and his ilk have shown.  I portray that which is appropriate to the
> story.  Having done some very even handed stuff on religion on B5, I don't feel
> I have anything to prove on this issue.

As a holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood (the higher priesthood of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), I would have to say that
"even handed" is an understatement.  You are more respectful of people
who don't share your beliefs than are many prominent people who claim to
be Christian!

Nearly every example of religion or the religious was presented
positively.  The closest you ever got to ridicule was "Go poke the
plant," and even that was shown in an "I don't get it, but what the
heck" tone of acceptance.  it was humorous, not biting.

Other definite positive examples ranged from the line of religious
figures at the end of one early episode to the continuing religious
aspects which were such an important part of the lives of nearly all of
the key characters.  With ALL characters, religion was protrayed as a
natural part of who they were.

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