Fiona doing a new comic series?

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I see in Fiona Avery's farewell column in the official B5 mag's last
issue that she mentions she's in negociations to do a new (original?)
comic series.

The JMS influence continues!   :)

Since the mag is a little late getting to Canada (#24 just came out
this week) and the message archive is down at her site
( , I was wondering if there's
any other word about it?  What publisher, genre, artist, etc.?

BTW, the pencils for the first 6 pages of JMS' MIDNIGHT NATION #1 are
in the current issue of the Preview catalog from Diamond Distributing.
Clear, detailed, realistic, expressive, & cinematic ... looks like a
good start to this series!

scott tilson.
Recommended:   MARVEL BOY  by  Grant Morrison  & J.G. Jones.

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Forgot to mention, btw, that for those interested, Fiona has two short stories
of her own over at, and a couple of essays, one in the romance
section.  Apparently you have to go to that section to find the essay, it isn't


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