No mention of the worker caste until 'All Alone in the Night"?

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Did anyone else notice this? Prior to that pivotal episode where Delenn is
brought before the council and stripped of her title of Sattai, only two
castes were ever talked about, the religious and the warrior. The struggle
for dominance was clearly between two factions.  It seems weird that even
when Lennier spoke to the senior staff and explained some matters of Minbari
politics and culture he didn't mention it either. What's your take on this?
Obviously 3 times 3 for the council of nine makes perfect sense and balance,
and in 'All alone in the night' we get to see this shift in balance. The
symbolism of the number of course is great too. I'm just curious as to why
no earlier episodes gave any indication of this. I have avidly rewatched the
1st and 2nd season recently and it suddenly struck me as odd. Oversight?
Deliberate change? Or just them uppity religious nuts, and bloodthirsty
warrior types being too self absorbed to acknowledge the hardworking guys
who made the ships and cities etc.

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The worker caste has always had lousy publicists.


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