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I saw the following news bit at

Should we "expect more B5 stories under [your] own imprint from Top Cow

Expect More Rising Stars
abylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski told fans to expect more B5
stories under his own imprint from Top Cow comics. "I'm doing the
Rising Stars books from Top Cow, which are in the top 20 of comics,
which is great ... to the point that TC has offered me my own imprint,"
Straczynski said in a SCIFI.COM chat on June 21. "So starting in
September, the first issue of my imprint will be out. The comic title
is Midnight Nation, and the imprint of the title overall is JOE'S

Straczynski added, "In addition to that, we're in the process of
selling the Rising Stars film rights, and there are some TV/film
related projects that are in the early stages, but not yet nailed down
to a point where I can talk about them. But expect some info in the
next few weeks."

Straczynski also created City of Dreams, an anthology of original audio
dramas for SCIFI.COM's Seeing Ear Theatre, which premieres July 10.

scott tilson.
Recommended: TOP TEN by Alan Moore & Gene Ha.

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>Expect More Rising Stars
>abylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski told fans to expect more B5
>stories under his own imprint from Top Cow comics.

No, I don't know what that refers to or where it comes from...unless they are
assuming that anything I write is a B5 story since I created B5, which doesn't
make any kind of sense....

No, there won't be any B5 comics for one simple reason: DC is owned by Time
Warner, parent company of WB.  Their feeling is that, because they own DC,
nobody else should do a B5 comic.  But it ain't gonna happen under DC.  Even
so, they don't want to turn it loose; better no one should do it.  

It's like a monkey with his hand around a nut in a jar...he won't let it go,
but he can't get his hand out of the jar, either....


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