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As noted in another message, I got this in an email from Crusade writer and B5
reference editor Fiona Avery, so I'm passing it along per her request.



Hey, I just spent the morning posting to every major country's usenet newsgroup
I could find with my feeble usenet skills.  I was looking for B5 groups all
over the world.  I just chatted with fans in the UK, Australia, Russia, France
and Italy!  My Crusade scripts will be available Monday, July 24th (U.S.
Pacific Time) on www.bookface.com.  (Including "Value Judgements" the
unproduced script with Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester from Babylon 5.)

If you could post to your moderated newsgroup that this is happening, I'd most
appreciate it.  That way the moderated group knows and it will come straight
from you -- another good thing.  Thanks for posting the news!  

Everyone can log onto www.bookface.com on Monday (U.S. Time) and on the title
page there should be direct and easy links to my scripts (and come read my
short stories too!)  Best part is that Bookface.com is FREE!  Everyone can read
my scripts all over the world totally free.

Thanks again for posting this!
**  www.scifi.com/set/  "The Lucky Strike" by Kim Stanley Robinson, adapted for
radio drama by Fiona Avery is Now Playing on Seeing Ear Theatre

** www.themestream.com  Articles and Essays on Writing and Running by Fiona

** www.bookface.com  Short Stories and Scripts E-Published by Fiona Avery

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