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In 1987 and 1988, I had two novels published consecutively, DEMON NIGHT and
OTHERSYDE.  Subsequent to that, I fell down the TV hole and never had time to
even try to write another novel, though I did do the occasional article and
short story, including one mystery novelette in the anthology Blowout in Little
Man Flats.  

Knowing that the TV season is going to start gearing up soon (June-October is
prime hiring season for show runners), I decided I may not have another chance
anytime soon...and have just completed my first new novel in 12 years.

It's now gone off to my NY agent (the LA agency loves it as a possible
feature), and we will see what we will see.  It's a contemporary mystery/noire
thriller with supernatural overtones, set in LA, and weighs in at just under
100,000 words.  With luck, we can get this thing out by the Fall, assuming the
planned auction goes well.


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