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A number of folks have emailed me asking for more info regarding the Crusade
scripts available from Fiona Avery (author of Well of Forever and Patterns of
the Soul, as well as the unproduced Crusade script Value Judgments), as well as
how to obtain other scripts from other writers.  I emailed Fiona for the info,
and pass along the reply herewith.



You wanted me to email and let you know the details and URL for Scripts
from the Lot so you could repost the information on your moderated

The URL is:


It should be up on search engines by now, too.  A few people have
written in their letters to me that they couldn't find it on search
engines, but the owner of the site registered it with many after I told
him that was the case.

There's also my moderated mailing list, which puts out announcements
monthly and you can get the archives of those announcements from their
site.  The mailing list address to send a subscribe is:

Fionaverse-subscribe at eGroups.com

The place to read message histories is in the Fionaverse section of:


The March Update is being mailed out now, even to brand new subscribers,
and it has all the information about where to find my scripts, my short
stories, my radio dramas; what cons I'm attending in the future; if I'll
ever release my fourth Crusade script ....

It concludes every month with a brief quote from one of my works --
sometimes unpublished -- and anyone can feel free to come check it out. 
It isn't interactive -- it's just an announcement forum.

And that's it.  Thanks for posting for me.  I appreciate it.


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