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Since it is highly unlikely that any new episodes of Crusade will ever be
made, what do you think of doing a series of Crusade novels that would
present the entire first season as you meant it to be aired, in the proper
order, with all the information there?  That way, the true story would get
out there, not the "Clark-Controlled ISN version".

I'd *love* to see this happen.  It wouldn't have to be 22 novels (probably a
half dozen), since one episode isn't usually enough to make a normal sized
novel.  The only questions are whether Warner Bros. would let you do it, and
whether TNT (possibly through influencing Warner Bros.) would be able to
block that as well.

I'm sure the fans of Babylon 5 and Crusade would really like to see the
first Season of Crusade, unadulterated, in novel form.


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Neither WB nor TNT would have any impact on the publishing of Crusade novels;
but it's in getting a publishing company to license books for a series that
only went 13 episodes that the idea lapses.  Del Rey has shown no real interest
in it, and to the best of my knowledge, no one else has either.


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