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In the new issue of WIZARD Magazine hitting the stands this Wednesday (along
with issue 6 of Rising Stars), you'll find a two page article that may be of
some interest....

Rising Stars has done *extremely* well for Top Cow, to the point where they
asked me if I'd like my own imprint.  I said I'd be flattered.  They wanted to
know what we should call it.  I looked around at all the other heightened
titles -- Chaos, Awesome, Megadeathtech kinds of titles designed to be
impressive and massive -- and said, "How about just...Joe's Comics?"  As in,
"I'd like some of Joe's Comics," or "Read at Joe's," with a big 1950s diner
clock logo.  They thought it was a great idea.

So the imprint starts this fall: mini-series, maxi-series, one shots and the
like, which I'll write and TC will print.  The basic deal is: I write whatever
I want, and they publish it.  It's a terrific deal, and the TC folks are
amazing to work with.

For more in depth info, see the Wizard issue.

(More announcements to come soon, including prose stuff, web stuff, and the
reason I was on a soundstage today watching my words being filmed.)


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