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Jms at B5 wrote:
> Rising Stars has done *extremely* well for Top Cow, to the point where they
> asked me if I'd like my own imprint.  I said I'd be flattered.  

Congrats, Joe!  You've proved you can succeed brilliantly in yet
another medium.

> So the imprint starts this fall: mini-series, maxi-series, one shots and the
> like, which I'll write and TC will print.  The basic deal is: I write whatever
> I want, and they publish it.  It's a terrific deal, and the TC folks are
> amazing to work with.

I'll definitely be looking forward to it.  I used to read a lot
of Vertigo titles back when Neil Gaiman was doing Sandman and all, 
but had sort of lost interest in comics lately.  RS lured me back
to comics and I love it.  If your new stories are half the quality
of RS or the Amazing B5 stories, I'll buy them!

				Andy Hock

P.S.  RS#6 was wonderful!  Even better than #5.

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Date: 30 Mar 2000 15:21:37 -0700
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>P.S.  RS#6 was wonderful!  Even better than #5.

Thanks.  The story now begins to heat up massively.  The first 5 were to
establish the rules, and set up the characters, and now we start cranking up
the arc with this three parter.


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