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According to a credit check I've just done on Wolf, the London Gazette
posted on the 14th April that a compulsory winding-up order had been
taken out on the company.

Are you (or any of the other B5 / Star Trek people) aware of this?

What do you think this might mean to anyone hoping to go to a Wolf
Event?  Makes it all sound a bit risky to me.


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BTW, I received an email that may help to clarify the situation.  Mind, I have
NO interest at all in doing ANYthing to help Bryan (or Brian or whatever), but
there is that nagging obligation I have to accuracy.  I should mention that I
trust this source implicitly.

"The winding up order is part of the usual process of closing a Company under
English company law. There is absolutely nothing to be read into this
whatsoever! My understanding from Cooney, which is backed up by the fact check
that I did, is that the company has been closed voluntarily because Cooney
himself is retiring from conventions shortly."

For what it's worth.


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