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Marvel currently is running a multi-title crossover in their comics called
Maximum Security.  A lot of writers have complained about these in the past due
to it interrupting their "flow" in a title and forcing them to tell a story out
of their current arc.  I was wondering what your thoughts were if one of these
"events" occurs during your run.  Also, are your stories going to set the tone
for the Peter Parker title?  What I mean is there going to be a tight
continuity between the two titles, or are you literally being given free reign?
  If you are taking Peter in one direction, will the second title be following
that lead? 

Thanks for your time,

Sean McLaughlin

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Date: 6 Nov 2000 16:30:37 -0700
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My line on this to the guys at Marvel has been, basically, "Keep me out of it."


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